A trusted advisor

Communicating effectively is essential for all well-managed organizations. Alpha Investment is a trusted advisor on the issues that matter to businesses most. We work with companies and senior executives to build their brands, enhance reputation and promote open, effective dialogue with important stakeholders from customers, investors and employees to regulators, communities and suppliers.

Capital markets & transaction communications

Effectively communicating a company’s strategy, growth ambitions, and financial strength is the daily challenge of senior executives as they seek to build investor and stakeholder confidence. As one of the leading advisors in capital markets and transaction communications, we have supported management teams through nearly 1,500 transactions with a total value of approximately $2 trillion over the past decade alone.

With our group of highly skilled professionals from a range of backgrounds spanning banking, law and financial journalism, we offer management teams educated insights into communicating some of the world’s largest cross-border and domestic M&A transactions, complex IPOs, bond issues and other capital raisings and financial restructurings and bankruptcies. This unrivalled experience has enabled us to develop trusted contacts with investors, analysts, the financial media, and regulators. Based on our unique know-how, we are able to provide each client with a bespoke, integrated offering, ranging from day-to-day financial calendar management and media relations to peer group analysis and corporate governance guidance. Be it M&A, IPO, activist, restructuring/bankruptcy, or ongoing financial communications advisory: We can help clients identify the stakeholder network, assess the entire spectrum of communications opportunities and challenges, and effectively implement a compelling and consistent story of strategic vision and value creation.

Corporate reputation & CEO communications

In a connected world dominated by the 24-hour news cycle and the influence of digital and social media, no company or individual can afford not to make its reputation the highest priority.

At Alpha Investment, we work with clients to establish, redefine and enhance their reputations with key stakeholders. And we support our clients not just with what to do once something has gone wrong, but more importantly with the communications strategies that can help ensure they never get to that point. From dealing with the financial markets and governments, through to the impact on consumers, communities and employees, we devise integrated programs tailored to the unique circumstances of each specific company.

Crisis & issues communications

Companies today face a fast-moving environment that can turn an organization with even the strongest reputation into a highly criticized business that lacks credibility with its stakeholders. From the impact of cyberattacks, to product recalls to legal actions, organizations can be unprepared to deal with the complex and rapidly breaking issues that arise when a crisis strikes.

At Alpha Investment, we have served as a trusted advisor to scores of global corporations, non-profits, academic institutions and prominent individuals confronting challenges to their reputation. Our intensive approach to crisis communications focuses on rapidly assessing client needs, formulating a strategic plan to stabilize key relationships, and swiftly executing that plan to shape stakeholder opinions. We also work extensively with our clients to assess, prepare for and mitigate crisis issues in advance.

Our particular expertise is in developing a comprehensive strategy that not only considers legal objectives, but also accounts for broader business and reputational goals and effectively reaches relevant consumers, investors, partners, policymakers, the media and other key stakeholders.

Corporate & public affairs

In today’s world, it is no longer possible to separate corporate affairs and media relations: almost every major reputational issue has a political as well as a media dimension, and the worlds are mutually reinforcing. Our philosophy is to provide our clients with integrated communications advice at a strategic level, and then drill down to provide targeted advice.

We advise clients on how political, social and economic developments might affect their business model, and how clients should strategically position themselves in this context. This includes advice and counsel in advocating client positions, and recommendations for optimal Government Relations and Corporate Affairs organizational structures. Societal trends not only require companies continually to reassess their market position and, where necessary, adjust their business model, they also offer new opportunities.

Only an integrated approach that consistently maps and targets all relevant stakeholders creates a solid foundation for sustainable corporate success.

Ongoing monitoring of the political and regulatory environment and the credible promotion of legitimate client interests secure the “license to operate” and create new business and growth opportunities.