Why Choose Alpha Investment Management, LLC as your Portfolio Manager

Asking the right questions

Creating shareholder value through acquisitions is a necessity, and often challenging part of many company’s growth strategies. For executive management, identifying the right acquisition is critical. However, if the proposal destroys value, executive management is placed in a very vulnerable position.

Successful acquisitions have always been difficult to pull off ; seventy-two percent of acquisitions create no shareholder value, and they are even more difficult with current market trends. A successful acquisition depends on not only mastering proper target identification, but thorough and complete assessment of assets and benefits to be derived.

We aim to understand your strategy and tailor a due diligence approach meeting your specific needs, to include:

  • Pre-acquisition evaluation;
  • Transaction evaluation;
  • Structuring;
  • Vendor assistance;
  • Contract assistance;
  • Integration/ Separation;
  • Post-acquisition implementation;
  • Contacting of shareholders;
  • Purchasing of share direct from the shareholder on you behalf;

Alpha Investment Management’s advice and value-driven approach to due diligence will increase the probability and success ratio in your companies financial outlook.

Our unique approach to transactions allows us to help and identify for you both the opportunities and obstacles to realization of value from transactions. Our advice is tailored to your financial needs, the transaction and of course the target area.

We can assist through the transaction cycle, or we can provide assistance in only one particular area at any point in the cycle.

Businessperson Inspecting Financial Data

Pre-acquisition evaluation

We provide assistance for you in pre-acquisition evaluation for prospective takeovers, mergers, acquisitions and or disposals.

Transaction evaluation (Due Diligence)

We help in assessing the key issues facing the business and the drivers behind maintainable cash flows and profits, cash flows through commercial analysis of business operations and future operations. We provide an investigative analysis of a business, typically including the analysis of:

  • Historic results;
  • Forecast projections;
  • Growth prospects;
  • Tax issues;
  • Working capital;
  • Capital requirements;
  • Cash flows;
  • Valuation opinion;
  • Intangible assets;
  • Commercial considerations;
  • Information systems and controls;
  • The management team;
  • Human resources issues;
  • Legal issues; and
  • Environmental matters.
  • Structuring advice

We will assist you with the creation of efficient deal structures, optimizing your tax, accounting, commercial and legal positions.

Vendor assistance

We assist with preparing information memoranda and managing data rooms, answering purchaser and seller queries, undertaking vendor due diligence and performance of independent business reviews, we can also contact any and all shareholders.

Contract assistance

We support the negotiation and completion phases of transactions, advising on contract drafting, logistics of sending out contracts, price adjustment mechanisms and the scope of warranties, restrictions and indemnities. But also if in the case of a take over we will contact shareholders in order to purchase the shares on you behalf.


We identify and assess synergies and separation issues.

Post-deal implementation

We provide integrated programs to identify priorities, budgeting systems and solve implementation issues, rationalize systems, technology and products, integrate industry best practices and to retain key staff as well as incentives and build a strong and dynamic management team.

For inquiries contact, Matthew C. Williams at mwilliams@alphainvestmentllc.com or visit our website at www.alphainvestmentllc.com


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